Use of this Site is permitted only in accordance with the following Terms of Use.  Completion and submission of your registration entails agreement with these terms and an opt-in to receive email communication from Hatch Estate Services (Hatch Auctions).  To retain access to this Site you must agree to continue to receive email from Hatch Auctions.

Registration also entails authorizing Hatch Estate Services to charge the credit or debit card registered on this Site for the hammer price, buyer’s premium, plus all applicable sales tax for any item for which you were the highest bidder.  The successful buyer’s card will be charged within 24 hours of the auction’s close.  Failure to maintain and update valid financial details in your file will result in the termination of your access to this Site.

To preapprove your ability to bid on Hatch Estate Services auctions, an initial $1 transaction will appear on your statement.  This transaction will not be finalized and will disappear after 5-7 business days (Discover and American Express cards may require slightly longer).

By registering your credit or debit card with this site you certify you are an authorized user and that you forgo the right to dispute the purchase payments with your bank – provided the transactions comply with the terms and conditions outlined here.




Access to this site is open only to members who are 18 years and older and who have not been previously suspended or removed by Hatch Estate Services for any reason.  In registering as a member, users certify that they are of legal age.  To complete registration, you agree to provide true accurate, current and complete information about yourself as requested by the site’s registration process.  Once you are a member, you undertake to maintain valid credit card info in your membership profile so long as you maintain an account with Hatch Auctions.


       3.   BUYER’S CONTRACT 


Bids placed through the Hatch Auctions website represent a binding contract and winners are responsible for paying all amounts due to Hatch Auctions including the sale price, buyer's premium and all applicable taxes.  DO NOT place a bid if you are unable to pay for and take possession of the items during the specified time periods for each auction, sale or event.  Any items won and not paid for within 24 hours of the auction close are eligible for resale to lower bidder(s). All sales are final. No returns, credits or exchanges are permitted.




All items on the Hatch Auctions site are sold on an as-is, where-is, basis.  While Hatch Auctions will do its best to list any damage, repairs or restorations, the absence of tHatch Auctionse descriptions or conditions must not be taken to imply that any lot is in perfect condition.  The vast majority of items listed by Hatch Auctions are antique, vintage or used.  Buyers should expect signs of wear consistent with the age of the item listed.  Hatch Auctions offers buyer’s the opportunity for preview inspections before commencing with a bid.  Condition notes may be included on listings. All sales are final. No returns, credits or exchanges are permitted


       5.  BUYER’S PREMIUM


A buyer’s premium of 19% will be added to the hammer price in all auctions and will be charged along with the hammer prices and applicable sales tax to the credit or debit card you have on file with Hatch Auctions within 24 hours of the close of the auction.


       6.   SALES TAX


All sales though the Hatch Auctions site are subject to applicable sales tax.  Tax exempt buyers must provide the appropriate state sales tax exemption certificate prior to the end of the sale.  Upon receipt of such information by Hatch Auctions, future purchases will not be taxed.  Tax resale forms can be submitted through your membership profile.  Your profile name and address must be the same as that listed on your resale certificate.




By providing your credit card information through the registration process, you authorize Hatch Auctions to charge your credit or debit card for the purchase amount of any successful bid plus the buyer's premium and applicable taxes.

Your card will be charged within 24 hours of auction’s close.  Failure to maintain valid credit or debit card information in your personal file will result in the termination of access to the site.


For security reasons Hatch Auctions does not independently store your credit information or make this data available to third parties.


8.    PICK-UP


Successful buyers must pick up their items at the designated sale location during the assigned time frame as stated in the sale details page.

If, after winning an auction, you are unable to pick up your items during the scheduled removal times and dates, you must contact Hatch Auctions within 24 hours prior to the pick-up date and Hatch Auctions will determine if alternate arrangements can be made.  These arrangements will be at the sole discretion of Hatch Auctions and will be subject to any additional transport, labor and/or storage fees. 




All items which are not paid for and/or picked up during the specified times and in accordance with the Site’s Terms & Conditions will be forfeited.  At the sole discretion of Hatch Auctions such items will be reoffered for sale or donated to a charity of Hatch Auctions’s choosing.  Hatch Auctions reserves the right to report accounts in arrears to collection agencies for the combined total of the original invoice amount and any additional moving or disposal charges.  Access to the Hatch Auctions site will be revoked until past due invoices and any additional charges are paid in full.




Users of the Hatch Auctions Site agree not to sell, license, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adopt, edit or create derivative works from content or materials listed on the SIte. Use of content and materials for purposes not expressly permitted by these Terms of Use is prohibited. Users may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise reproduce the Site in a human-perceivable form, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law, and in that case, only if the user notifies Hatch Auctions in advance and in writing. Site users may not copy, frameset, enclose or otherwise distribute any part of the Site.




Hatch Auctions online auctions feature extended bidding (or a "soft close" function). This is a mechanism to virtually replicate the actions of an auctioneer (in a live auction) in an online/automated format. During a live auction, auctioneers give bidders an opportunity to increase their bids before hammering the winning bid (when there is no further interest in the lot). Our online, automated, system will automatically extend the closing of a lot (auction item) whenever a bid is placed within the last five minutes of its scheduled close, to allow interested bidders an opportunity to increase their bid (should they wish to do so). Such an extension may occur multiple times on any given lot, depending on bidder interest. Once all interest and bidding on a lot ceases, the auction will expire and the lot will close.